Veterans Day

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Today, we observe Veterans Day across our Nation. They have made it easy for us to enjoy our freedom and wealth with an unparalleled sense of security. It is difficult to appreciate their commitment and sacrifices unless you have walked in the field of sacrifice as many of them have. It is also not surprising that many of them have chosen to continue their service as our brothers and sisters in education and as union members. I’m proud as President of AFSCME 3506 to extent my thanks and appreciation to all of them and to ask all of us to honor the service and sacrifices made by veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces.

To all our veterans, we say thank you. To their families that have experienced loss, we ask them to remember with us the words of the ancient poet placed on the tomb of the Spartans at Thermopylae (in the above image):

tell our people back home
that here we lie
dutifully so.


George Roumbanis
AFSCME 3506 President