Letter to Chancellor Salgado

Dear Chancellor:

I think it is so significant that I can peruse our website and see our proud celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, to learn about “The basketball Classic”, and to find out about the # One Chicago Week. Yet, neither a single sentence, nor a solitary word could I detect about Adult Education and Family Literacy Week. It is celebrated annually in the United States during the last week in September. The goal of National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week is to elevate adult education and family literacy nationwide with policymakers, media and the community, as well as to leverage resources that support access to basic education programs for the 36 million U.S. adults with low literacy skills. For 2017, National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week will be celebrated September 24–30.

I ponder whether your team responsible for things like the website postings, community relations, etc. even knows that we house the biggest Adult Education Program in Illinois and that Adult Education despite chronically erratic governance remains the biggest single program in Chicago City Colleges. Notwithstanding historical lows it still accounts for 30% of our students. Therefore, placing upon us a certain obligation of institutional awareness, participation and involvement in what are after all activities prescribed by the State of Illinois and our funders.

I would always be available to work with anyone in your team, so we can do better next time.


George Roumbanis
AFSCME 3506 President